Why Trump Will Win in November

Why Trump Will Win in November, by David Horowitz.

Take the apparent exculpation of Hillary Clinton by FBI Director James Comey. The Democrats responded with a statement that the issue is now “resolved” because the target will not be indicted. …

Standard PC operating procedure; we see it all the time in climate change. The other part is to say that all criticism of Hillary on national security is “debunked.” Move on, nothing to see here.

But, not so fast. … The former Secretary of State has lied to Congress and the public, and not about private matters like sexual escapades with interns. She has lied about national security matters, and was reckless in handling secrets that affect the safety of all Americans. Worse, the fact that she appears to be getting away with a serious crime is a dramatic confirmation of Trump’s campaign narrative: the system is corrupt, the fix is in, I will change all of this. …

This may cause PC Republicans may now rally behind Trump:

When Trump objected to an obviously biased judge – a member of “La Raza” and opponent of securing the border – Ryan and other Republicans joined the Democrats in the ludicrous charge that Trump was a racist. (What Republican candidate in the last thirty years have the Democrats not slandered as racist?)

But Ryan is not attacking Trump now. Instead he is calling on officials to remove Hillary’s security clearance – a strong signal to voters that she is not fit to be commander-in-chief, and a powerful reinforcement of Trump’s campaign theme.

PC name-calling might come unstuck, and might even backfire:

Democrats [and] the chorus of #NeverTrump Republicans … have also called him a sexist and xenophobe, and have compared him to Mussolini and Hitler. These negatives have hurt him but will ultimately fail for the same reason the anti-Trump attacks in the primary failed. Trump is not an unknown quantity. He has been in front of the American public for thirty or forty years. Nothing in the public record would validate the charge that Trump is a racist, let alone Hitler.

Consequently, these negatives are unlikely to override the actual issues when voters make the judgments that will determine the election. At the same time, the obviousness of the slanders merely serves to confirm Trump’s narrative that corrupt elites fear him and will do anything to prevent him from upsetting their applecarts.

Trump will win on national security:

The reason Trump will win in November is that national security is at the top of voter concerns and Trump has been a strong advocate on this front. Beginning with his promise to build a wall, national security issues – vetting Syrian Muslim refugees, rebuilding the military, “bombing the sh-t” out of ISIS and naming the enemy – have been centerpieces of his campaign. …

Since World War II, no Republican has won the popular vote in a presidential election where national security has not been a primary issue. … Thanks to nearly eight years of a party in power that refuses to secure our borders and is more interested in disarming law-abiding Americans than confronting the terror threat in our midst, national security is now a primary issue on the minds of all Americans.

hat-tip Stephen Neil