Here’s a Shooting of an Unarmed Young Man That You Haven’t Heard About

Here’s a Shooting of an Unarmed Young Man That You Haven’t Heard About, by Rick Moran.

In recent days, police have been taken to task for shooting two unarmed young black men — one from Baton Rouge and another from Minnesota.

These are horrible tragedies and the accompanying videos of both killings appear to put the police in the worst possible light. There doesn’t appear to be any justification for the use of deadly force.

The killings have outraged the country. But there was another tragedy in Fresno on June 25 that involved the police firing on an unarmed man that has barely registered a blip on the media radar.

Why haven’t we heard about that one? Simply, and sadly stated, because the victim was white.

The Los Angeles Times spends 1100 words on the release of a cell phone video of the shooting without once mentioning the race of the victim, although when the paper mentions the Confederate flags at a demonstration you get the picture. Meanwhile, President Obama stands before the country and makes sure that the public knows that the victims of the other shootings were black.

Does it really matter? Should we be more outraged if the victim of an unjustified police shooting is black?

In Fresno, the tragedy is no less poignant because the victim — Dylan Noble — happens to be white. …

A recent study by a researcher at John Jay School of Criminal Justice shows that more whites are killed by police than blacks, but that coverage of minority deaths is far more extensive.

So is this lop-sided media coverage partly responsible for the Dallas shootings? Is the President, who promised all that racial healing?