Black Lives Matter Terrorists Murder Dallas Cops

Black Lives Matter Terrorists Murder Dallas Cops, by Matthew Vadum.

The ambush-style mass shooting of cops in Dallas, Texas, last night makes it clear that it is time for the dangerous, anti-American insurgency called Black Lives Matter to be designated a terrorist organization for fomenting a war against the nation’s law enforcement officers. …

[F]ive Dallas area police officers were dead, systematically slaughtered by snipers. That makes it the deadliest attack on U.S. law enforcement since Sept. 11, 2001. …

[M]urdering police officers has long been encouraged by activists with the Black Lives Matter cult, with the support of the activist Left. A year ago Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, who openly advocates the mass murder of whites, called for “10,000 fearless men” to “rise up and kill those who kill us.” Like many radicals, Farrakhan mischaracterizes Black Lives Matter as a rising civil rights movement.

President Barack Obama … has also steadfastly refused to condemn the explicitly racist, violent Black Lives Matter movement. In fact Obama has lavished attention on the movement’s leaders and invited them to the White House over and over again.

It suits the left to divide citizens by race because the left needs all the non-white voters in its political coalition, so it demonizes whites in the eyes of the non-whites. See here and here on the tribalism this is producing.

Members of the Democratic National Committee expressly endorsed Black Lives Matter, throwing their lot in with black racists and radical Black Power militants. The DNC officially embraced a statement that slams the U.S. for allegedly systemic police violence against black people. A resolution passed by hundreds of delegates at the DNC meeting in Minneapolis last year accuses the nation’s police of “extrajudicial killings of unarmed African American men, women and children.”

Perhaps, in the Dallas cop shooting, the chickens are coming home to roost. How much responsibility do the media and the left generally bear?

According to one analysis, of all the people shot and killed in the U.S. by police so far in 2016, only 24 percent, or 122, were black. Black people are only about 13 percent of the population but they commit around half of all violent crimes. So far this year 47 percent of people shot and killed by police, or 235 individuals, were white. …

Paul Joseph Watson addresses “black people,” telling them that “Black Lives Matter is hurting you. It’s doing incredible harm. Martin Luther King achieved justice and civil rights by championing equality and building bridges with white America.”

Black Lives Matter, on the other hand, demands racial segregation, keeps whites out of its meetings, and urges the killing of police, he adds. …

The Left reveres thugs. It jumped on the bandwagon promoting the lie that Michael Brown of Ferguson, Mo., and Trayvon Martin of Sanford, Fla., were innocent angels unjustly cut down by white executioners. The truth, as we now know, is that both young black men were killed in self-defense by the white men they intended to harm.

UPDATE: Steven Sailer:

A problem with the Democrats’ high-low coalition of the fringes is that the fringes are awfully fringy. Stoking black rage for political advantage is a high risk strategy. And it’s not as if Obama and the Clintons didn’t know that.

UPDATE: Google Announce Support For #BlackLivesMatter: ‘We Need Racial Justice Now’, by Charlie Nash.

Google announced their support for #BlackLivesMatter yesterday evening [that is, before the blue massacre], tweeting a statement featuring the controversial hashtag demanding “racial justice now.”

“#AltonSterling and #PhilandoCastile’s lives mattered. Black lives matter. We need racial justice now” posted Google on their official Twitter account this evening. “We’re devastated by the senseless deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. Today Googlers held vigils in their memory, and in memory of all those like them whose lives have been cut short unfairly”.

“We stand in solidarity with the fight for racial justice” concluded the post, before finishing it off with the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag.

Apparently Google are not devastated by the deaths of white victims of cops, the disproportionate nature of interracial crime in the US, or the polar bear game: “Interracial violence, contrary to the impression you might get these days from the obsessions of respectable media outlets, is overwhelmingly skewed toward victimizing whites (and Asians).” As usual with PC causes, it’s not that the victims do not deserve sympathy, it’s the selective nature of the sympathy for political advantage that stinks.

UPDATE: Twitter: ‘We Join The Voices Demanding Racial Justice’, by Allum Bokhari.

Social media company Twitter has joined Google in declaring their support for “racial justice,” tweeing a statement on their official account declaring that “tragedies must lead to action.” … It was released shortly before the outbreak of anti-police violence in Dallas, Texas. …

In the wake of the shootings of Sterling and Castile, Twitter has been deluged with calls for anti-police violence. As reported earlier by Breitbart, many of these threats, including one from a verified user saying he wants to “kill 100 cops,” remain hosted on the platform. Twitter has yet to suspend, ban, or in any way sanction the accounts making these threats.

UPDATE: Black Lives Matter Website:

Black Lives Matter is a unique contribution that goes beyond extrajudicial killings of Black people by police and vigilantes. It goes beyond the narrow nationalism that can be prevalent within some Black communities, which merely call on Black people to love Black, live Black and buy Black, keeping straight cis Black men in the front of the movement while our sisters, queer and trans and disabled folk take up roles in the background or not at all. Black Lives Matter affirms the lives of Black queer and trans folks, disabled folks, Black-undocumented folks, folks with records, women and all Black lives along the gender spectrum. It centers those that have been marginalized within Black liberation movements. It is a tactic to (re)build the Black liberation movement.

The old test: let’s swap “black” and “white” and see how that sounds:

It goes beyond the narrow nationalism that can be prevalent within some White communities, which merely call on White people to love White, live White and buy White, keeping straight cis White men in the front of the movement while our sisters, queer and trans and disabled folk take up roles in the background or not at all.

As racist as.

hat-tip Stephen Neil