Profs: Orlando massacre caused by ‘toxic masculinity,’ ‘extremist discourses’

Profs: Orlando massacre caused by ‘toxic masculinity,’ ‘extremist discourses’, by Rob Shimshock.

Three professors have blamed the Orlando mass shooting on “toxic masculinity,” “ultranationalist” discourse, and “wide availability (and fetishization) of weapons.”

Their essays, collected on Ohio State University’s Mujeres Talk blog, appeared in a post titled “Countering Hate with Knowledge, Fury, and Protest: Three Latina/o Studies Scholars Respond to Orlando Massacre.”

Sure. That’s political correctness personified, reality abandoned for politically convenient fantasy. Robert Spencer comments:

On today’s insane college campuses, jihad mass murder stems from anything, anything at all, except Islam’s jihad doctrine, which is benign and peaceful. American colleges and universities are no longer in any sense institutions of higher learning; they’re just indoctrination centers for the hard Left.

hat-tip Stephen Neil