No one to blame but Turnbull himself

No one to blame but Turnbull himself, by Andrew Bolt.

Turnbull had the support of most press gallery journalists and the support of the overwhelming majority of the newspaper editorialists. Business groups urged him on and Tony Abbott and his supporters did not white-ant him. He ran exactly the campaign his advisers recommended. He rejected suggestions to campaign harder on boats, Labor’s planned electricity tax and Labor’s union links. He was also given plenty of time to make his case: nine months.

Result: the disaster you see. All Turnbull’s own work.

To emphasise that: the Nationals’ vote went up, the Liberals’ down.  The Liberals vote was hit hardest in the struggle streets of marginal seats Tasmania and Western Sydney that Abbott appealed to, but which Turnbull could not reach with his empty slogans on agility and excitement and innovation.