A Note On The Federal Election In Australia

A Note On The Federal Election In Australia, by David Archibald.

It was the Safe Schools program that decided it for me. The global warming hoax is a left/right thing and that is understandable. But why be in favour of torturing children and ruining their lives? Human existence is fraught and brittle enough. …

So I stood for the seat of Curtin, in Western Australia.

Read the article for David’s observations of his electioneering experience and pithy observations.

There are many reasons to despair — the carbon tax is back from 1st July, rent-seekers are running amok in the power industry, our defences are almost non-existent, our scientists have been corrupted, our civilisation being traduced by the self-loathers, and the political wing of the CFMEU make take control of the Federal Government as they did the Victorian Government. But the Greens vote has started to ebb and at the other end of the political spectrum a party has emerged which doesn’t believe in global warming.

Australia may have entered a period of political instability, which is a good thing because we don’t want to keep the result of the election from last weekend. If elections come fast and furious from here it will give the Liberal Party opportunities to try new leaders, like Lincoln with his generals, until they find one that works. That person might not yet be in Federal Parliament.