Turnbull’s pathetic win leaves him destroyed

Turnbull’s pathetic win leaves him destroyed. Andrew Bolt is not impressed by Malcolm Turnbull, prefers Tony Abbott. Watch for a bit of passion.

MALCOLM Turnbull has lost everything except his job as Prime Minister — and that could be next.

I doubt he’ll last to the next election. Yes, the Coalition has won the election, but by a disastrously small margin that leaves it almost powerless, Turnbull humiliated and the country damned.

Tony Abbott as prime minister had only a hostile Senate blocking everything he tried. Turnbull faces not just that, but possibly a hung parliament as well, or at best one in which he’s clinging to power by only a seat or two. …

For Turnbull, this will be almost as devastating as losing the election: he will be PM with almost no authority, no mandate and no popularity.

hat-tip Matthew