FLASHBACK to May 11: Malcolm Turnbull’s New Logo Is Missing One Important Thing

FLASHBACK to May 11: The Wentworth Report’s only stab at a forecast in the Australian election was the following, which seems fairly good in retrospect. In the event, One Nation and the Nationals improved their vote at the expense of Team Turnbull.

Malcolm Turnbull’s New Logo Is Missing One Important Thing. At several press conferences in the two-day-old Australian Federal election campaign, Prime Minister Turnbull sported a new logo:


There are three important “tells” here:

  1. No mention of his party, the “Liberal Party.”
  2. Prominent mention of “Turnbull.” He is promoting himself rather than his party.
  3. The usual Liberal colors of red and dark blue are absent.

It’s as if Turnbull would rather not be associated with the Liberal Party, which is full of yucky people like Tony Abbott, “delcons”, and climate skeptics, of whom his friends at the ABC rather disapprove.

The Labor Party, on the other hand, is placing “Labor” prominently on most all of their election material, which declares confidence in its brand and its ideas.

In my experience when a major party in Australia mutes its name in its advertising, it usually goes on to lose.