Most Americans Believe the Economy Is Rigged

Most Americans Believe the Economy Is Rigged, by Samuel Bryan.

A new poll by Marketplace and Edison Research found that a staggering 71% of Americans believe the economy is rigged.

The poll based its findings on answers to this question: which of the following comes closer to your opinion on the economic system in the US?

  • The economic system is rigged in favor of certain groups
  • The economy system is fair to all Americans
  • Don’t know

Rigged was the dominant answer across all demographics – black, white, Hispanic, Republican, Democrat, and independent.

According to CNNMoney, the poll supports what it hears from everyday Americans:

The majority feel the American Dream comes with huge asterisk that reads ‘only for the favored few.’…Americans have good reason to think this way. The typical middle class family is earning about the same amount of money — just under $54,000 — as they did in 1996, once you adjust for inflation. That means a lot of people aren’t getting paid more. On top of that, the Great Recession knocked out many people’s safety net savings as they lost jobs or homes or both. Even people who have jobs tell CNNMoney that they feel one step away from financial ruin. They fear a life of ‘dead-end crap jobs with crap wages.’