Tory leadership: Theresa May backed by more cabinet ministers

Tory leadership: Theresa May backed by more cabinet ministers, by the BBC.

She has received pledges of support from many more MPs than the other four candidates, with at least three more cabinet members among her backers….

The five contenders have until Tuesday to build support among the 329 Conservative MPs before the first round of voting. The MP with the fewest votes will be eliminated, one at a time, until two remain. They will then go to a vote of the wider party membership.

The winner of the contest is set to be announced on 9 September.

A reader comments: Theresa May was a Remainer, but has since committed herself to Brexit and — according to a source in the UK, she was a Remain-in-name-only.  If, as would appear likely, she wins and puts Gove in charge of EU negotiations, then all is well. Her witterings about ‘duty’ was a bit hard to stomach though. Boris was a bit too obviously in it for self-interest. They all are of course, but his was too blatant for English good taste