Prom Night Trumpster Babies

Prom Night Trumpster Babies, an opinion piece by David Cole.

Sadly, the one type of American voter who grates on me like a nursery full of shrieking, colicky newborns is the infernal species I’m doomed to live among here in L.A. — the leftist hipster. … Leftist hipsters are defined by their smugness, their pseudo-certainty, and their unyielding belief that their views are based on science and rationalism, whereas everyone else’s are based on ignorance, superstition, and fear.

There is nothing that is not foul about leftist hipsters. They traffic in the very fear, ignorance, and superstition that they accuse others of employing. Leftist hipsters will be the first ones to accuse conservatives of being “racist,” yet almost every political move the leftist hipster makes is in some way rooted in a pathological hatred of white people, a hatred that leftist hipsters—most of whom are themselves white—view as the ultimate self-critical virtue-signaling: “Look how evolved, enlightened, and noble I am—I’m willing to hate my own skin color.”

The next election? Hipsters root for Hillary.

I’ve been consistently amused over the past few weeks at the sight of leftist hipsters trying like hell to sell themselves on Hillary Clinton. … So of course the hipster crowd needs to find a way to support a warmongering drone-loving Wall Street-backed unremittingly corrupt rapist-defending Democrat.

Oh, sure, they could support her purely as the anti-Trump, a reluctant vote in the name of saving the world from (did I mention like, literally?) Hitler. But leftist hipsters could never be satisfied with that, because their psychological stability depends on maintaining the illusion that everything they do is grounded in rational progressivism and noble intentions, and voting for one bad person merely to defeat another bad person doesn’t offer the kind of reinforcement of intellectual superiority that, say, hating on one’s own skin color does.