Muslims killing Muslims in droves, but Israel and Westerners get condemned

Muslims killing Muslims in droves, but Israel and Westerners get condemned, by Christine Williams.

[Israeli] Yesh Atid leader Yair Lapid pointed out that “twelve million Muslims have been killed by other Muslims since 1948.” He contrasted that number with that of the Arab-Israeli conflict which he indicated to be “0.3 percent of this.” He also highlighted that most of those killed were part of Arab Muslim armies that tried to invade Israeli territory.

While all of this is valid information, Westerners still have not collectively moved beyond the elementary step of identifying who the enemy of modern civilization is, i.e. Islamic jihadists who have been operating at various intensities and scales through 1,400 years of history.

We have persisted in navel-gazing, and in trying to figure out this behemoth of evil through the lens of sentimental modern Western constructs, such as calling for more gun control, babbling about Muslim alienation, blaming right-wing judgmental attitudes, obsessing over past national wrongs (long corrected) and other such froth.

Also, while the world sends condolences to Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the terror-supporting Turkish leader ironically funds the Islamic State, forces Islamophobia victimhood upon the world, advances the Islamization of Turkey, and has carved a reputation for himself for his visceral hatred of Israel and Jews, despite his recent convenient regional partnership with Israel. He also fervently denies the Armenian Genocide and violently suppresses the Kurds.

hat-tip Stephen Neil