Federal Election 2016: Who the papers are backing

Federal Election 2016: Who the papers are backing, by The Australian.

The pre-election editorials are in, and they’re overwhelmingly for the return of the Turnbull Coalition government. Except The Sunday Age, which plumped for Bill Shorten at the weekend.

The main PC papers find Turnbull gives them a politically correct option:

SYDNEY MORNING HERALD: “Given the choice between a coalition led by the socially progressive economic reformer Mr Turnbull, and a Shorten-led Labor Party backed by reform-resistant unions, we support the election of a Turnbull government.”

THE AGE: “Mr Shorten has … presented the nation with a legitimate choice. But we believe Mr Turnbull deserves the chance to deliver on the potential that stirred the nation when he came to power less than a year ago.”