Boris Johnson announces he will not run for Prime Minister

Boris Johnson announces he will not run for Prime Minister, by Laura Hughes.

Boris Johnson pulls out of Conservative leadership battle. Gove announces he will run for Prime Minister. Theresa May reaches out to eurosceptics as she announces bid. [Johnson] calls for ‘sensible, moderate One Nation Conservative approach,’ says Government must tackle income inequality [and that it is] vital to bring together everyone from Remain and Leave sides.

A handful of Tory MPs reacted with disbelief as news that Mr Johnson would not be seeking the leadership filtered through …

Shame. He was a brilliant and interesting speaker at times, likeable and funny.

And now Mr Gove has destroyed Boris Johnson, writes James Kirkup.

By suggesting ever so politely, that Mr Johnson cannot provide real leadership or build a united team, Mr Gove went for his former ally’s jugular.

The idea that affable Boris is actually divisive, selfish and unreliable is Mr Johnson’s biggest weakness in this contest.

UPDATE: Steven Neil suspects that the real story is Johnson is too right wing for the rotten Tory Party and can now wait for Britain’s Angela Merkel, Theresa May, to lead the party towards collapse. He will then be in a position to pick up the pieces. The bottom line is that UKIP’s work is only just beginning — treason by the elites continues regardless of the referendum result.