Andrew Forrest in ‘blood’ gibe at Greens over welfare payments

Andrew Forrest in ‘blood’ gibe at Greens over welfare payments, by Brad Thompson.

Mining billionaire Andrew Forrest has launched a stinging attack on the Greens and others who oppose his radical reforms to welfare payments as the measures show signs of improving lives in remote communities.

Mr Forrest said his critics would be left with blood on their hands if they resisted action to protect vulnerable children.

His outburst came after a heartbreaking meeting with two school-age Aboriginal girls with $200-a-day drug addictions.

Sensible left fighting with the silly left:

Mr Forrest said the Greens, including WA senator Rachel Siewert, refused to consider measures welcomed by those living in vulnerable communities.

Senator Siewert, who clashed with Mr Forrest in Senate committee hearings and has raised doubts about the effectiveness of welfare control measures, declined to comment.

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