Abbas aide: ‘Wherever you see an Israeli, slit his throat’

Abbas aide: ‘Wherever you see an Israeli, slit his throat’, by Dov Lieber.

When asked what he thought about normalization with Israel and Palestinian officials taking part in Israeli conferences, Abu al-Einein [an adviser to Abbas on civil society organizations and a Fatah Central Committee member, Abbas is the President of the State of Palestine and Palestinian National Authority] said: “If you ask me my blunt position, I would say — every place you find an Israeli, slit his throat. Likewise, I am against talks, negotiations, meetings, and normalization in all its forms with the Israeli occupation.”

Abu al-Einein has been an outspoken critic of Israel, supporting violence and praising terrorism against Israelis. In 2013, five US congressmen wrote to Abbas to ask him to fire Abu al-Einein over his praise of terrorism, but the PA president refused, arguing he was an elected official. Israel has consistently complained that the PA backs terror and incites its citizens to carry out attacks.

You know whose side the PC crew are on. Always the religion of peace.