Triggs, HRC accused of ‘shameful conduct’ in 18c students case

Triggs, HRC accused of ‘shameful conduct’ in 18c students case, by Hedley Thomas.

Human Rights Commission staff and president Gillian Triggs were accused in a racial hatred case yesterday of “stooping” to a ­regrettable low in a desperate ­attempt to “avoid scrutiny of their shameful conduct” against university students. …

Professor Triggs last week urged independent barrister Angus Stewart SC to stop investigations into the complaints by students Calum Thwaites, Jackson Powell and Alex Wood that their human rights had been ­“flagrantly” breached by the ­commission.

The students quite correctly fear the state will not employ them, because the bureaucracies are dominated by the PC crew:

Mr Morris, in a damning reply yesterday, revealed that Mr Thwaites had recently abandoned his study to become a schoolteacher because he was concerned the taint on his reputation from being accused of racial hatred under the controversial section 18c would make him unemployable.

What a racist mess. If the PC crew weren’t so racist they wouldn’t get into these hypocritical tangles, but they never even admit they are racist — despite flagrantly and explicitly treating people differently based on their race. Shame on them.

“The nature of the allegations made by Ms Prior, even if those ­allegations were ultimately to be dismissed, had the capacity to inflict long-term and devastating ­injury to the reputations of seven young tertiary students, and the very real potential to jeopardise their future employment prospects,” Mr Morris said.

The three students still in the case have refused to pay Ms Prior any of the money her lawyers were demanding, while four ­others who were named in her original litigation made private settlements. …

Professor Triggs and the commission are now accused of fearing “a risk of embarrassment” that they will be found to have breached the students’ human rights.