Opinion: Brexit a glorious victory over Leftist arrogance

Opinion: Brexit a glorious victory over Leftist arrogance, by Rowan Dean.

WHAT to do when the New Left have infiltrated and taken over key institutions of our classic Western way of life? Ditch the institutions.

That is the overarching lesson from Britain’s brave, scary, exhilarating and glorious decision to quit the EU. rexit was about True Conservatives taking on the arrogant New Left. And these True Conservatives (who, perversely, include many traditional Labourites and exclude many modern Tories) won hands down.

The “new left” here means the PC crew:

By the New Left I mean that class of people typified in Australia by supporters of the Greens, Labor, Nick Xenophon and “progressive” causes. They believe in climate change, same-sex marriage, being nice to immigrants even when they hate you, open borders, indigenous “recognition” yadda yadda.

The New Left get their money courtesy of the taxpayer, through jobs in government bureaucracies or publicly funded outfits such as the ABC, schools and universities, via grants and middle-class welfare, or as union “officials”.

They love investing other people’s money in their own agendas and watching Q&A. They hate getting their hands dirty for a living, thrift, Israel, Donald Trump and now, of course, Boris Johnson. They are not to be confused with the Old Left, by whom I mean classic, blue-collar, hardworking aspirational Aussies who helped build this nation.

They brought on the immigration disaster. Now they pretend Islam is a religion of peace and just like any other religion.

For decades, Britain managed a reasonably successful immigration program, but that wasn’t enough for the New Left. Under Tony Blair, immigration went through the roof as Labour recognised they could corner the Muslim vote.

Yet these new immigrants had no intention of assimilating. Large parts of major cities became unrecognisable; quaint Petticoat Lane now resembles downtown Baghdad. Local authorities engage with Sharia councils. A Muslim gang raping underage white girls was ignored by Rotherham authorities for a decade because of political correctness. London has elected its first Muslim mayor, who immediately banned adverts on buses of girls in bikinis. …

Speaking of bloated, socialist, anti-Semitic bureaucracies, which nation will be first to quit the UN?

Good points Rowan. We have to take this business of quitting institutions a whole loft further. State institutions inevitably get taken over by the PC crew unless they are specifically constructed to not be taken over, to be basically right wing. So we need to get rid of most of our government bodies, then reconstitute them with new staff. We need to start with the ABC (and the BBC in Britain), because it is the center of political correctness, giving coordination, publicity and PR to the PC crew.