After Brexit, only one thing can keep Britain together: the Norway model

After Brexit, only one thing can keep Britain together: the Norway model, by Mark Stanford.

Britain can leave the EU, but remain in the EEA, or single market—following the so-called “Norwegian model”.

Remain campaigners have derided this model as carrying all the costs of EU membership, without any of the benefits of a ‘seat at the table’ of EU policymaking. But they have neglected to mention that there are many added perks, too.

The Norwegian model—which also applies to Liechtenstein and Iceland—would fulfil many key Leave demands. Britain would be free of Brussels bureaucracy, and free from the stifling effects of the EU’s Common Fisheries and Agricultural Policies. We would remain a participant in the single market, without any of the trappings of political union.

No longer bound by the EU’s VAT treaty, Britain would have the power to choose its own low rate of VAT to stimulate the economy—a power exercised by both Liechtenstein and Switzerland.

Notice again that the Remain one-worlders omit the main factor motivating the Leave move — restoration of democracy, being able to remove one’s rulers with a vote. They deride the Norwegian option, but “forget” to mention this? Kind of important, wouldn’t you say? Can they really be so clueless, or are they only PR-driven?

hat-tip Matthew