Prosecutors: Exaggerating Climate Risks Might be Fraud

Prosecutors: Exaggerating Climate Risks Might be Fraud, by Alex Newman.

Responding to what multiple legal experts have described as a potential “criminal conspiracy” among far-left prosecutors and global-warming theorists to target skeptics of their increasingly discredited theory, conservative-leaning state attorneys general have now fired back — big time. Basically, if the same legal logic used by the alarmist prosecutors were applied to climate alarmists, the warming theorists could find themselves in serious trouble.

In a letter sent to their Democrat counterparts who have targeted pro-carbon tax oil giant Exxon and various non-profit organizations, the coalition of more than a dozen Republican attorneys general issued a powerful warning.

If climate realists can be prosecuted for the supposed “fraud” of “minimizing” or denying the alleged threat posed by alleged man-made global warming, then climate alarmists can be prosecuted for the fraud of exaggerating the supposed threat. “If it is possible to minimize the risks of climate change, then the same goes for exaggeration,” the officials explained in the letter to the Democrat and alarmist prosecutors styling themselves “AGs United for Clean Power.” “If minimization is fraud, exaggeration is fraud.”

Unfortunately for climate alarmists and their extremist prosecutorial allies, there are mountains of evidence showing what experts have called deliberate fraud by tax-funded global-warming theorists — including the infamous e-mails leaked in the “ClimateGate” scandal that exposed tax-funded warmists conspiring to “hide the decline” in temperatures and violate Freedom of Information laws. And unlike climate skeptics, who have cautioned that spending trillions of tax dollars on the increasingly discredited man-made global-warming theory was a colossal waste of resources at best, the wild prophecies of climate alarmists have been proven to be routinely and demonstrably ridiculous by the facts and the observable evidence. …

Aside from the fraud concerns, which should not be overlooked, the Republican officials also pointed toward constitutional and free speech apprehensions surrounding the efforts of their counterparts in other states to terrorize, harass, and persecute skeptics into silence.

All based on a faulty model. Uh oh.

hat-tip Barry Corke