PC reactions to Brexit

PC reactions to Brexit. Joanne and I watched the ABC news the last two nights, dissecting Brexit coverage. The most salient fact was that the ABC completely omitted the main reason for Leave: democracy. The ABC lied by omission by not connecting the vote to the oft-mentioned facts that Britain has a long history of world firsts on democracy, such as the Magna Carta, and that the EU rolls back the all-important power of British people to depose their rulers in a vote. As Christopher Monckton said:

My three reasons for departure, in strict order of precedence, were Democracy, Democracy, and Democracy. For the so-called “European Parliament” is no Parliament. It is a mere duma. It lacks even the power to bring forward a bill, and the 28 faceless, unelected, omnipotent Kommissars – the official German name for the shadowy Commissioners who exercise the supreme lawmaking power that was once vested in our elected Parliament – have the power, under the Treaty of Maastricht, to meet behind closed doors to override in secret any decision of that “Parliament” at will, and even to issue “Commission Regulations” that bypass it altogether.

Instead the ABC focused mainly om immigration (subtext: non-PC people are “racist”) and economics (only mentioning that dislocation would follow, never that the EU chains Britain to the slowest growing area of the world due to its stifling regulations).

The coverage on Sky was even worse, with a truly ignorant host just unable to comprehend that Leave had won — because she simply had no idea of her opponents arguments (yes, “opponent’s”, because she was so nakedly on the big government PC pro-Remain side she could only be described as a participant, not a reporter).

Even the most non-PC, highbrow major media outlet in Australia, The Australian newspaper, skimped on reporting the Leave arguments, and its editor-at-large Paul Kelly wrote an article bemoaning the loss to the rubes, entitled “Brexit: win for xenophobia and economic resentment” — note the two issues mentioned, and the omission of democracy.

So if you discuss Brexit with Australians informed only by the media, be aware that they will think Leave is an emotional, uninformed reaction more than likely motivated by racism.

The markets have been kept aloft by central bank manipulation and increasingly divorced from fundamentals, so, as noted by many, are an accident waiting for happening. There may well be market carnage in the next month or two, but Brexit will only be the trigger, not the cause.

Here are quotes from an article on a quality PC website discussing Brexit. These are fairly typical, but I chose this one because it is fairly up-front and direct.

The gap between PC and reality is so large, and the PC crew so uninformed and willfully in denial, that it inevitably comes to this:

I think the Leave campaign has degenerated into dishonesty, really, on an industrial scale.

This exchange is revealing:

Gove has been making this case openly for the past three weeks, since he stunned the politics editor of Sky News, Faisal Islam, by saying, “I think the people in this country have had enough of experts saying that they know what is best and getting it consistently wrong.”

“‘The people of this country have had enough of experts?’ What do you mean by that?” a shocked Islam asked. Shaking his head, he added that this strain of anti-intellectualism sounded like an import from the United States. “This is proper Trump politics, this, isn’t it?”

“No, it’s actually a faith,” Gove replied, “a faith, Faisal, in the British people … to make the right decision.”

“Blind faith,” Islam observed.

That exchange seemed to reveal a divide in Britain’s political culture that is familiar to Americans, between politicians who deploy facts and reason to try to convince voters of the wisdom of their policies and those, like Donald Trump, who make emotional appeals many of their supporters find more satisfying.

And this:

As Faisal Islam noted, the same survey found that supporters of the Remain campaign said they would listen to academics, economists, people from well-known businesses, charities, the Bank of England, and international organizations, while supporters of the Leave campaign said they trusted, essentially, no one.

The PC side have captured all the government positions (and only appoint fellow PC people, so that isn’t going to change) and therefore are the “experts”. Overpaid, looking after their own class interests, and more often wrong than right due to their adherence to PC.

Brexit reporting is another case of monumental bias in “reporting of news” by the media.