Nonwhites continue defaming whites in the name of anti-racism

Nonwhites continue defaming whites in the name of anti-racism, by Takimag.

One of the surest signs that we’ve progressed into a post-racial society is that nonwhites are freely encouraged—and often handsomely compensated—to make blanket defamatory statements about white people. There is no better sign that we have finally transcended racism than the fact that our entire racial narrative consists of scapegoating one race for all human suffering.

Writing at the Good Men Project—where “good” basically means “gelded”—a Muslim woman named Shawna Ainsile goes full-on post-racial with a little essay called “If You’re a White Man, I’m Afraid of You.” …

Even though statistics clearly demonstrate that white men are hardly the most violent, it would be racist to note this, so we will refrain from doing so in the name of keeping the peace.