Nations Seeking to Ban Islam Keep Growing

Nations Seeking to Ban Islam Keep Growing, by Raymond Ibrahim.

As liberals and progressives continue to portray Donald Trump as an intolerant brute for suggesting a ban on Muslims entering the United States, “until we figure out what’s going on,” left unsaid (perhaps intentionally) is that he’s hardly the first international personage to suggest this.

Most recently, the heads of the Christian church of Samoa called for a complete ban on Islam … Samoan Christian leaders understand that if most Muslims will not engage in subversive acts, some always will. … Instead of burdening themselves with trying to determine who is who—ultimately an exercise in futility since the “moderate” always morphs into the “radical” without notice—the heads of Samoa’s Christian church seek to ban the whole thing. …

In this, the Pacific state joins nations as diverse as Hungary and Myanmar, both of which are vociferous in their attempts to ban or minimize Islam’s presence from their soil. …

Yet the PC are just fine with Muslims banning non-Muslims:

Non-Muslims are barred from becoming citizens in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and other Muslim nations.  In the Saudi kingdom, not a single non-Muslim house of worship—not a church, synagogue, or temple—is permitted to exist.  Non-Muslims may labor in these countries, but as officially hated and undesirable “infidels,” they are denied citizenship.

Yet, to liberal media and talking heads, that’s okay: it’s Muslims’ right to allow and bar whomever they wish.

hat-tip Stephen Neil