How Donald Trump’s Scottish Neighbors Trolled Him

How Donald Trump’s Scottish Neighbors Trolled Him, by Josh Israel.

Local residents, upset by both Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric and his earlier attempts to take possession of private homes and land through eminent domain laws, expressed their displeasure with the apparent Republican presidential nominee by raising Mexican flags over adjoining properties.

Trolling Trump with a Mexican flag

Michael Forbes, a farmer whose efforts to fight Trump’s Aberdeen course got him voted Scotsman of the Year in 2012 erected a Mexican flag on his property, which is visible from the golf course.

Scotsman trolls Trump with Mexican flag

David Milne, whose home overlooks the course, did the same. “Very simply, it was a sign of solidarity for the Mexican people,” he told PRI, “We have been insulted, derided, degraded and sidelined by this man ourselves, so we know exactly what it’s like. It’s a little symbol to say ‘We’re still here. This is our home.’”