Boston, Lincolngrad: I saw the seething resentment. Now it is time to finish the revolution

Boston, Lincolngrad: I saw the seething resentment. Now it is time to finish the revolution, by Peter Hitchens.

The Remainers’ snobbery was their undoing. … For instance, they refused to be aware of the quiet seething resentment about mass migration that I found in Boston [in Lincolnshire] four summers ago. The established parties ignored this, and the liberal thought police tried to claim it was bigotry.

A political realignment is called for:

A wonderful alliance, which I have long hoped for, has been forged in this campaign. It has brought together two groups who had never really met before. The first group are the social and moral conservatives … the second are the working-class families …

It is not just mass migration that worries them. They are also distressed about the decline in their standard of living, the pressure to get into debt, the way good state schools are reserved for the rich and cunning, the shrivelling of opportunities for the young, the unchecked spread of crime and disorder, the ridiculous cost of housing, and the general overcrowding of everything from roads to hospitals.

If it weren’t for old tribal party labels, these two groups would long ago have realised they were friends and allies. They would have combined in a mutiny against the PR men and hedge-fund types who lounge arrogantly on the upper deck of politics, claiming that none of these problems exist – because they don’t experience them themselves. …

New parties, PC and Anti-PC:

What we need is for the Tory Party and the Labour Party to collapse and split and be replaced by two new parties that properly reflect the real divisions in the country.

Since both the old parties are empty and decrepit, with few active members and reliant on state support and dodgy billionaires, the collapsing and splitting bit should not be too hard. The replacement is up to us, the British people, who have now demonstrated our power if we unite.

hat-tip Stephen Neil