Why Are Liberals So Hateful?

Why Are Liberals So Hateful? by John Hinderaker.

This morning, a crowd of angry liberals (“Remain” supporters) besieged the home of Boris Johnson, one of the leaders of the Brexit campaign and likely Britain’s next Prime Minister:

“He emerged from his house to angry chants of “scum, scum, scum” from onlookers.  His efforts to say “good morning” were drowned out by the heckles and jeers as he made his way to the waiting cab in a blaze of camera flashes, followed closely by an aide.”

Brexit supporters displayed nothing like Remain’s venom. … Liberals at home and abroad should take a lesson in basic manners and proper civility in a democracy from conservatives.

Perhaps not. The venom, the violence, the social ostracism, the cries of “racist” — they are used by the politically correct to ensure obedience, to bully us into giving them what they want.