Forget the Lifeboat, It’s the Iceberg that Counts

Forget the Lifeboat, It’s the Iceberg that Counts, by Richard Fernandez.

As Ross Douthat observed in Twitter:  “the actual disaster isn’t the vote, it’s the eight years of policy that made it thinkable.” Brexit is not the disaster. The disaster is what they’re rowing from. … Countries don’t usually walk out on a good thing without a reason just as passengers don’t leave 50,000 ton ocean liners for wooden boats without motivation.

The rebellion is real and therefore the causes of the rebellion are also real. Yet even on the day after Brexit, the establishment still found ways to deny the vote was anything more than bigotry and xenophobia run wild.

The establishment thought the usual spin would work.

Perhaps the most damning example of [the establishment’s] attitude comes from a Tweet by Sharyl Attkisson.  “Little known fact: UK Cameron’s campaign adviser was Jim Messina who was Obama’s campaign adviser & heads biggest pro-Hillary super PAC.” Faced with the threat of an EU breakup, the foreign policy crisis of a lifetime Obama sent a spin-doctor and gave a speech — and it didn’t work. … That’s it: Jim Messina and a little teaching moment would be all it would take.

The bottom line of Brexit:

Brexit, for all its drama, was merely a warning. The basic demand is for a moderation of the centralizing tendencies, unchecked immigration, runaway political correctness and metastatic government that have characterized the West in these last decades. That’s the bottom line.

Unfortunately conceding these demands requires overcoming so much momentum that the captain committee on the bridge has despaired of effecting it. But do it they must. All Brexit has done is give warning. It has started the clock. The rest is up to the West.