Brexit: The Nationalist-Populist Rebellions Continue

Brexit: The Nationalist-Populist Rebellions Continue, by James Pinkerton.

Britain’s departure from the European Union is a victory for English nationalism. Now we’ll have to see what happens to American nationalism. …

And knowing that the European Union is the conscious and deliberate obliteration of all valued European traditions, we can quickly see that a true English patriot had no choice but to vote “Leave.” Indeed, the EU is a peculiarly toxic beast that should be offensive to patriots of all countries:

It’s one part Orwellian Superstate, one part politically correct playpen, and one part welfare-funding source for future Islamist terrorists, all serving the financial interests of a few big banks and financiers.

Awesome description there, cutting to the heart of the matter.

Meanwhile, the EU can’t, or won’t, defend itself against alien invasion. Just on Thursday, the day of the vote, some 4500 Africans came ashore in Italy — that’s an annual rate of more than 1.6 million. …

It’s interesting that much of the Old Left in the UK — that is, old-line Labour blue collars — came to support “Leave,” even as the new Labour elite, snug and smug in its crony-capitalist government financing from both London and Brussels, urged a vote for “Stay.”

One Tory MP recalled a telling moment on the Brexit campaign trail: “I was amazed, when the CEO of JP Morgan shared a platform with the chancellor [of the exchequer, equivalent to the US treasury secretary] in Bournemouth and basically warned these voters “If you guys vote for Brexit you will be out of a job.” This CEO earns $20 million a year and lives mostly in Manhattan, telling people who earn £25,000 a year they will be out of a job if they vote a certain way. This enrages people.” …

The elites and their immigration policies got trumped.

So already, we can see that an upsurge in American patriotism is a bad sign for the Obama-Hillary status quo. As some liberals at Bloomberg News observed in a headline, “Trump’s Coalition Looks a Lot Like Brexit Voters.” Or, in the words of Politico, the Bible of the Beltway, “The Brexit vote became largely a referendum on elites and immigration, the same themes likely Republican nominee Donald Trump has put at the center of his bid for the White House.”

In that same vein, one must assume that The Daily Beast’s Nico Hines intended the pun when he wrote of Brexit, “Arguments about loss of sovereignty and loss of border control trumped the grave economic forecasts.” Yes, TRUMPED.