The white working class – Beggars at our feet

The white working class – Beggars at our feet, by Lindsey Dearnley.

The left attracts people who consider themselves compassionate, and indeed many of them are. … But there is a group missing from their list of people deserving of attention and compassion, and it is needed now more urgently ever. It is the white working class.

Everybody is shocked by the terrible murder of Jo Cox, yet nobody is surprised at the alleged culprit – a maligned, jobless, working class man [Tony Mair] said to be beset with mental ill health.

The left are already hurling their words like stones, not simply at this one man, but at the entire British working class. Merely for wishing to vote leave, they call us bigots, racists, nationalists, and small minded Englanders. They see us as backward looking idiots who at best vote want to leave out of fear and ignorance, and at worst from hate and spite.

The lower white working class is in social free-fall. On one side it is aided and abetted by a welfare system that merely keeps it members alive, and an immigration policy that threatens to jeopardise what little hope remains for an unskilled people increasingly out-competed for work and government attention. The lower white working class recognise what the politicians do not – that social conditions at the bottom of society are no longer fit for human habitation. They recognise that this vast human misery is not diluted by pouring hundreds of thousands more people into the toxic swamp at the bottom of society, and that uncontrolled immigration merely swells its ranks. …

What happens to those scorned white men told they are no longer wanted:

I tattoo a lot of men like Tony Mair. I dread it whenever a man tells me he has lost his job or his wife, or been signed off on the sick. I dread it because in a short space of time, in a matter of months, I see them begin to hollow out. Their voices become flatter, their stories less animated, their appearance becomes shabbier and they begin to lose the will to look for work. Eventually they succumb to the apathy that allows them to tolerate living in poor conditions and misery for years on end. They will talk less of the outside world and the future, and more of their current moods and anxieties, which becomes the ever present black dog in their lives. Then comes the medication, whole rattling pill trays of the stuff, and a conviction that their fate is now unalterable. They become miserable and self obsessed. This is what happens to human beings beginning to recognise their own redundancy, who see no future for themselves. It is as though their life force slowly drains out of them, and what is left is a ghost. …

Well past time the politically correct, big -government types took some responsibility for the mess they have created. They have created a lovely world for themselves, but there are too many casualties.

It is time the left woke up and looked down at the beggars at their feet. What business does the political elite have in inviting scores more people into this un-ending social misery? A country with the highest teen pregnancies, the highest prison population, the highest obesity and the highest rates of depression? A country only second to Ireland in single parent households, a country with the highest crime rates in Europe, a country in short, not fit to accommodate.

Liberalism and self regarding ‘virtue signalling’ cannot fix the problems, nor will immigration dilute it, nor will name calling shame it out of existence. It is now everybody’s problem whether they chose to look the other way or not.

hat-tip Stephen Neil