Finally a Republican Tells the Truth About Hillary Clinton

Finally a Republican (Other Than Me) Tells the Truth About Hillary Clinton, by Rush Limbaugh.

[M]y email is overflowing, “Finally! …an official Republican starts telling us what we already know!”

So Trump basically said things about Hillary Clinton that you just don’t hear Republicans saying.  You’ve heard them before.  You’ve heard them on this program, of course.  But you just do not hear Mitt Romney say this, for example.  You wouldn’t hear the Bush family talk this way about Hillary.  You wouldn’t. You just wouldn’t hear it.

You wouldn’t hear fellow establishment types talk about this, ’cause it’s too close to home for all of them.  But Trump can say this stuff as an outsider. He can say this stuff as a nonmember of the elite or the establishment. …

The Democrats have successfully suppressed this sort of critical material for decades, with a sympathetic media and a political opposition (of establishment Republicans) that sucks up to the media, trained by the media not to say anti-PC things.

It’ll be interesting to see how the Clinton camp and the Democrats and the media react to this, because these are the kinds of things the Democrats have grown accustomed to not having to deal with, within campaigns.  They know this kind of stuff’s gonna be said about Mrs. Clinton, and it’s gonna be said by surrogates. It’s gonna be said by opposition media such as this program.  But they think they’ve successfully marginalized all the critics, and the evidence is that they’re still in power, and when they run for office, they win elections.

So they don’t really worry about this kind of criticism no matter how correct it is and no matter how specific it is, because they think that they have created and deployed systems to overcome all of this, all of these details about their operations being made public. But Trump came out and literally fired both barrels.  … It was a prompter speech, so it was quote/unquote “presidential.”

Barriers were broken:

He came out and he said of Hillary Clinton, “She is the most corrupt person ever to seek the presidency.” … He said things like, “For the amount of money Hillary Clinton would spend on refugees, we could rebuild every inner city in America.”  He made it clear to anybody watching that Mrs. Clinton’s policies, which are an echo of Barack Obama’s policies, are gonna continue to wreak havoc and damage on America’s minorities.

These things are just not said.  You gotta… I mean, you and I say them, everybody else says them, but in official campaigns where the Clintons are involved, nobody goes this far with them.  And you know it as well as I do.

We’ve always wondered why for 27 years. “What are people afraid of?  Why do they always pull back?” Well, Trump didn’t pull back much today.  He pointed out all of the money that she gets from these Islamic states that execute gays and LGBT people.

The rich mainly vote Democrat nowadays, but it doesn’t suit the PC narrative for people to find that out.

And he used one of my favorite talking points about all the money she made in two years delivering speeches to the banks. I think that’s powerful, because I think so many Democrat voters think that the banks and Wall Street and CEOs are wedded to the GOP. “The GOP is the party of the rich! Bankers are obviously rich. Wall Streeters are obviously rich,” and Trump made it clear as a bell today that it’s the Democrat Party in bed with the banks.  So you wonder if time low-information people see this.

… “The insiders who wrote the rules of the game to keep themselves in power and the money.  That’s who’s rigged the system is and that’s why they continue to rig it.”  He made a pitch for Bernie Sanders voters.  And did you see polling data over here?  This is a Bloomberg Politics poll.  Nearly half of Bernie Sanders supporters will not support Hillary no matter what.  Nearly half of Bernie’s voters… Now, that’s today.  This could all change, you know, when we get to November, and it’s crunch time.