Federal election 2016: building firm owner the ‘real deal’ tradie

Federal election 2016: building firm owner the ‘real deal’ tradie, by Simone Fox Koob.

Andrew MacRae, the “fake tradie” who has dominated headlines since starring in a short campaign spot for the Coalition at the weekend, believes media scrutiny of the ad has been “hilarious” and he is just trying to enjoy his “five minutes of fame” before the story blows over.

The video drew ire on social media after users pointed out small flaws in the production and the “awkward” acting, giving rise to the rumour Mr MacRae was in fact an actor, not a tradesman.

Yesterday, the 48-year-old was keen to stress he was “the real deal”, confirming he owned a construction company called Teamwork Maintenance.

“As you can see I am the real deal, I just got home from work,” he said. “I’ve been working hard all day.”

Mr MacRae said he was not a member of the Liberal Party, and was chosen for role by the advertising agency that produced the clip, one of his property maintenance clients.

Meanwhile the PC crew went nuts, bagging the Liberals for using a fake tradie. Bill Shorten, Monday:

The problem with the Liberal ad is exactly the same problem with Mr Turnbull — Australians can spot a fake when they see one.

Reports Michael Koziol in the SMH:

So convinced was the peanut gallery that the tradesman was an actor that several “Fake Tradie” Twitter accounts proliferated, along with countless memes.

Amateur auteurs on social media were quick to chastise the tradie’s delivery and unlikely script, particularly his defence of the big banks.

Oh the hypocrisy. Labor ran a fake tradie in 2007, by Malcolm Farr:

The campaign featured an advertisement rated by some as the gold standard for pretend constituents, despite an excellent performance from the chap involved.

The ALP recruited the talents of Robbie Williams impersonator Trent Bowater to play an average Aussie tradie in an advertisement damning prime minister John Howard.

He dropped the costumes of his “Robee Williams” act and donned blue-collar blues to tell the camera Work Choices would cost him penalty rates and job security — and declare that he had switched his vote to Labor.

Commenter sandfly:

Labor can hardly be blamed for not recognizing a tradie. They now represent academic social engineers, NGO apparatchiks, highly paid public servants, Union bosses trained in academia rather than on the factory floor, gender benders, the aboriginal industry, the refugee industry, prisoners, the malingerers etc, etc . How on earth could they recognise a working man or woman when they don’t mix with them.

Commenter stefan

The joke is Bill Shorten and the ALP wouldn’t know a real tradie if they fell over one. As Kim Beazley senior observed years ago, while the ALP once consisted of the cream of the working class, it is now made up of the dregs of the middle class. Thus in the ALP today you’ll find armies of lawyers, teachers, academics, trade union officials, journalists, public servants and grief counselors; but tradies? No.

Commenter Glen

Shorten says genuine Australians can spot a fake a mile off – looks like Shorten is not a genuine Australian.

Given the ALP use actors and falsehoods in their advertising Shorten is again shown to be the monumental hypocrite he is.

Commenter Don

I know a lot like him.  The wife and he run the company, he does most, but all of the manual work, she does the books. The are likely to mortgage their home to give them a line of credit to finance the business. They arrange their business so that they do not have permanent employees. The will have traditional Australian and family values. They do not like bludgers and people on the welfare system, they are not into so-called “progressive” issues and dislike governments spending their taxes for them. They just want to get on and enjoy their lives.

Commenter Sanchia

I bet the storm on social media was driven by Get Up or some such mob whose members  have never done an honest days work in their lives and have all the time in the world to devote to messing round on social media. I hope it will bring Mr McRae some more business. He does look like the real thing to me.