Missionaries For Post-Christian America

Missionaries For Post-Christian America, by Rod Dreher.

The Fulbright scholarships are prestigious awards, funded by Congress, to hundreds of US academics and others to provide opportunities for study abroad. … A reader recently underwent a short course preparing incoming Fulbright scholars for their overseas deployment. He is going to study in a developing country.

He tells me he was shocked by the instruction in gender ideology his group was put through as part of their briefing. They were instructed, he said to think about how they can be “an ally” to sexual minorities abroad. …

He is a scholar with extensive experience living in the developing world, and this offended him. “The truly insane part, as I see it, is that this is a cultural exchange program. Ostensibly we are supposed to be fostering mutual understanding. [But] the message was clear: we are the tip of the spear of American cultural imperialism, and we are going to change these backwards traditional cultures whether they like it or not.”

Carrying the PC message to the third world, via the US State Department, financed by US taxpayers whether they agree or not.

UPDATE: Also by Rod Dreher. A reader who works for the Department of Defense shows a memo urging them to affirm diversity (because if not you are harming the mission).

It used to be that you were being asked to tolerate, which I think most of us, whatever our personal view on homosexuality and transgenderism, can agree is a reasonable request, especially in the workplace. Now you are being strongly nudged by your employer to affirm, or embrace.

hat-tip Stephen Neil