California is going to try charging drivers by the mile

California is going to try charging drivers by the mile, by Cassi Pollock.

California next month will start charging drivers by how much they drive, a test program meant as an alternative to the nation’s policy of taxing gasoline as a way to pay for highway construction.

Funding for national and state transportation projects is drying up nationwide as the gas tax, long the nation’s primary source of road funding, is no longer providing enough revenue as vehicles become more fuel-efficient and people drive less. …

“Our whole point of the pilot is to see if this is feasible for California,” said Vanessa Wiseman, a spokeswoman for the California Department of Transportation. “What we know right now is that the gas tax isn’t cutting it anymore.”

California is a state long run by the Democrats, enamored of political correctness. Even when they voted in a Republican governor, it was the politically correct, green-loving Arnold Schwarzenegger. But given the reach of PC nowadays, what is trialed in California can be standard practice throughout the western world in a decade.

How are they going to monitor mileage? California is experimenting with using GPS. But if the government is using GPS to track your mileage, then it knows where you vehicle is at all times. The bureaucrats will know your every move. Personal liberty will wilt further.