Branded by ‘progressives’

Branded by ‘progressives’, by Don Spence of Ashmore, Queensland, on the Letters page of The Australian.

Why is it that if you support the same-sex plebiscite, you are called homophobic? If you don’t support the referendum for recognition of Aborigines in the Constitution, you are called a racist, and if you talk of radical Islamist terrorism, you are Islamophobic. The “progressive” thinkers from the Left are quick to brand any individual or group who dares question their place as the only true store of policy that the rest of Australia must accept without question.

This must be the true meaning of inclusive, leave the thinking to us and just do as you are told.

The politically correct have a special name for each type of blasphemy, and they call you the name in lieu of having an argument with data or logic. So there, what are you going to do about it?

hat-tip Barry Corke