America’s Real Racists

America’s Real Racists, by John Perazzo, reviewing David Horowitz’s new book, “Progressive Racism.”

Horowitz, who understands the mind of the left as well as anyone alive, explains that the left’s professed desire to “level the playing field” is simply a devious effort to present the ideal of “Marx’s classless society” in “politically palatable terms”; that for the left, “real” equality means not equal opportunity or equal treatment before the law, but rather, “equality of results—which is the communist ideal.”

There are two meanings of “equality” in political discussion. Be careful you are not fooled into supporting one when you thought you were supporting the other!

“Equality of opportunity” is that everyone gets roughly equal opportunities. Most everyone from the center left all the way to the extreme right support this one nowadays.

“Equality of results” is about everyone getting the same. So it doesn’t matter how hard or well you work, you get the same as someone who did not contribute. This is the goal of extreme leftism, viz. communism: “To each according to his need”. The creed of the parasite.

Because people are not the same, with different abilities and propensities, equality of opportunity works very differently to equality of outcome.

In this model, says Horowitz, inequalities in any sphere of life—income, school grades, standardized test scores, college graduation rates, incarceration rates, unemployment rates, etc.—are condemned as prima facie evidence of “the persistence of covert prejudice” or “institutional racism,” which is “the contemporary left’s version of Marx’s alien power.”

And of course, the left’s response to these inequalities is always the same: to mandate an ever-growing array of race-based double standards designed to offset—under benign labels like “affirmative action” and “social justice”—the unfairness that supposedly creates inequality in all its forms.

In other words, the left deliberately uses government power to enforce an inequality of opportunity (affirmative action) to obtain equality of outcome. And as not totally unrelated side effects, the left usually mans the well-paid bureaucratic positions that implement these policies, and the recipients of the largess usually vote for the left.

But of course, everyone already knows all this.

hat-tip Stephen Neil