The TV ad you are not allowed to see in Australia

The TV ad you are not allowed to see in Australia, by The Australian Liberty Alliance (ALA). 15 seconds, go take a look. See anything illegal to say or some other problem? Here are the words:

Fed up with spineless politicians? Concerned about rampant political correctness destroying our democracy? We stand for freedom of speech, small government, and we will stop the Islamization of Australia.



Well that ad was banned, apparently. Someone sent me an email by the speaker, Debbie Robinson, Senate candidate in WA:

The advertisement was scheduled to go to air tonight on GWN 7 in regional Western Australia on prime time programs.

I received word late on Friday that CAD had not given approval for the advertisement. CAD is independent of the television station and reviews election advertisments prior to broadcast. No reason has been given. As a result the prime time slots which were paid for on May 26th have been lost. I now have to wait until Monday to find out what they are concerned about.

The ALA also notes the unfair treatment they receive from Australian businesses, presumably due to the PC elite’s hold:

We recall the banks refusing us Eftpos services, ticketing services walking away from signed agreements, booked and paid venues cancelling in the last minute, paid advertising in the media refusing to publish without notice – this is the reality in 2016 Australia when we speak critically about the ideology we must not criticise.

hat-tip Grant