Swedish politician’s death 13 years ago mirrors murder of UK lawmaker

Swedish politician’s death 13 years ago mirrors murder of UK lawmaker, by Kalyeena Makortoff.

The [murder of Reamin campaigner Jo Cox] bears startling similarities to the assassination 13 years ago in Sweden of pro-EU Anna Lindh.

Days before Sweden would vote on whether to join the euro in 2003, a 46-year-old lead campaigner for Sweden’s to adopt the euro was stabbed while shopping in a Stockholm department store. She had been shopping for clothes for a euro zone debate scheduled that evening. The next day, on September 11, Social Democratic foreign minister Lindh died from her injuries.

Both sides of the Swedish political campaign suspended their activities following the news, with TV ads campaigns cancelled and billboard and print media ads withdrawn.

On the following Sunday, Swedes rejected proposals to adopt the common currency.

Back in Britain, the death of Labour member of parliament (MP) Jo Cox has set a similarly solemn tone around the otherwise raucous Brexit debate. …

Though it’s unclear whether there was any political intent behind Cox’s murder, both sides of the EU referendum have since suspended campaign activities. The political pull-back is in stark contrast to a debate that was otherwise reaching fever pitch less than a week before Brits headed to the polls. …

In the wake of the suspended campaigns, markets rebounded, sending sterling and the U.K.’s FTSE 100 higher. There are suspicions that the attack on the pro-EU politician may temper the momentum of the pro-Brexit camp and reduce the prospects that voters will want to leave the European Union.

The attack on Lindh in 2003 was carried out by “lone nut” Mijailo Mijailovic, who claimed he hated politicians and was high on drugs.

The attack on Cox in 2016 was carried out by “lone nut” Tommy Mair.

Latest British Polls Show Swing to EU of 3%, by Breitbart London.

A Survation phone poll puts Leave three points behind Remain, with all the fieldwork done after the killing of MP Jo Cox.

Remain 45% (+3), Leave 42% (-3).