Pastor to Southern Baptist Convention: Stop push for Muslim refugees

Southern Baptist Convention pushes for Muslim refugees, also ‘aligns itself with godless, liberal groups to help build a mosque’, by WND.

The Southern Baptist Convention threw down a gauntlet at the feet of Republican nominee Donald Trump and many conservatives, adopting a resolution encouraging churches and families “to welcome and adopt refugees into their churches and homes.” …

One of the most vocal [critics] is pastor Carl Gallups of Hickory Hammock Baptist Church, [charging] the Southern Baptist Convention with not following the example of the early Christians:

“Instead of the Ethics and Religious Liberties Commission leading the Southern Baptist Convention to help build mosques to fulfill some misguided interpretation of ‘religious liberty,’ they should be modeling the New Testament church as found in the scriptures.

“I think the ERLC would be hard pressed to find anywhere in the scriptures, or elsewhere, where the early church was aligning itself with government entities and ‘interfaith coalitions’ to assist in the construction of more pagan temples, shrines and altars to Emperor worship in the Roman Empire – in the name of ‘religious liberty.’ That would not have even crossed their minds.

Gallups asked if the SBC would be willing to legally assist the creation of a “Satanic Temple” or a pagan shrine, even if a local community had banned it, in the name of “religious liberty.” He also argued the Southern Baptist Convention’s support for more Muslim immigration and construction of mosques undermines its missionary efforts.

Obviously some of the Southern Baptists have joined the PC crew. That cannot last long — no one can be PC and a Christian for long, one or the other is hollowed out. Political correctness is quite intolerant of Christianity. Christianity has a long and successful history of surviving and shrugging off state persecution (though of course for while in the middle ages it got into that game itself).

hat-tip Stephen Neil