Laughable propaganda: Brexit would make Britain like Guernsey, says French minister

Laughable propaganda: Brexit would make Britain like Guernsey, says French minister, by the BBC.

Leaving the European Union would make the UK as significant as Guernsey, France’s economy minister has said.

Emmanuel Macron told Le Monde newspaper that Britain would become “a little country on the world scale [that] would isolate itself… at Europe’s border”.

The issue is not so much that a French Government minister would say such twaddle — after all, politicians are known to exaggerate — but that the BBC, which is supposed to reports news responsibly and without bias, would broadcast this as News (the web page says “EU Referendum Reality Check”!) rather than comedy.

UK: population 65 million, GDP US$ 3,000 billion

Guernsey: population 66 thousand, GDP US$ 2.7 billion

Obviously the British voters are being subject to the mother of all propaganda campaigns by the PC elite who run the place. The only real argument being put forward by the Remain campaign is a scare campaign. If they are reaching to these depths, it would appear they have little of substance to say.

The situation in the US with Trump is rapidly becoming similar — just a huge scare campaign not really anchored to reality.

UPDATE: Jo Cox’s life was a lesson to us all, editorial in The Sun newspaper (largest in UK). Labour MP and mum of two Jo Cox, 41, a Remain campaigner, was gunned down and stabbed following a constituency meeting.

JO Cox’s murder is beyond comprehension. Her family have lost a wonderful wife and mum. Our democracy has been robbed of a new MP of great talent and potential.

We do not yet know if Jo’s killing was linked to the fever pitch in which this Brexit referendum is being conducted.

But it seems too much of a coincidence for there to be no connection to the nationwide outpouring of hate from both sides. …

This referendum campaign has gone far beyond a frank and honest debate.

Supporters of both Remain and Leave routinely cross the line.

Leavers are subjected daily to a barrage of abuse from the top of the Remain camp down.

Sensible, moderate, intelligent people with real fears for their livelihoods and their communities — or those of others — are smeared as moronic, ­easily led, racist Little Englanders.

Always with PC, the abuse and name-calling. Never a debate about the issues. Bullying and a scare campaign.