The Coming Political Catastrophe

The Coming Political Catastrophe, by Peter Wehner.

Donald Trump is in the midst of a fairly dramatic collapse in public opinion polls.

What seems to be happening isn’t that Hillary Clinton is on the rise. Rather, Trump’s popularity is dangerously low for a presumptive presidential nominee at this stage (pre-summer) of the race. And since the start of June, the trend for Trump has been alarming.

Several recent polls confirm this observation. A new Bloomberg Politics national poll shows Clinton leading Trump with 49 percent to 37 percent among likely voters in November’s election. 55 percent of those polled say they could never vote for the real-estate developer and TV personality. Women are a majority of voters, and a full 63 percent of them say they could never vote for Trump.

Then there is the latest Washington Post/ABC News poll showing that negative views of Trump have surged to 70 percent, their highest level of the 2016 campaign. (Hillary Clinton’s are at 55 percent.) It’s not only that Trump’s negatives are sky-high; it’s also that a majority of those who have negative impressions of him (56 percent) hold those views “strongly.” …

In a new CBS News poll, more than half (51 percent) of Americans disapprove of the way Trump is responding to the Orlando attack, while only a quarter (25 percent) approve. …

Just a few weeks ago, Trump supporters were upbeat because he was within just a few points of Hillary Clinton. This was a false dawn.

If the media can convince the public that Trump is Hitler, he cannot win. If all you know about national politics is what the media tell you, what else can you think? Letting the media pick the President hasn’t worked so well for the last two elections…

Does Trump Still Have a Chance? by John Seiler.

The neocons are gloating that Donald Trump’s poll numbers have slumped. … But what [the article above] doesn’t note is that it’s historically difficult to throw the incumbent party out of the White House except during a recession, which we don’t have—yet.

Meanwhile, the neocons have joined their pals in the Mainstream Media to demonize Trump, even on his comments about the Orlando killings.

Wehner also doesn’t note that the neocons’ candidates in the last two elections, Romney and McCain, were wiped out. And their preferred candidates this time around—Rubio, Cruz and Jeb!—would have fared even worse than Trump. …

Trump is a scrapper who will do what he can to win. Only Trump can effectively hammer Hillary, over and over again, about her emails, Benghazi, destroying Libya to put ISIS in charge, etc. If the economy falters, then he’ll have a main chance.