ISIS Actively Recruiting Non-Muslim American Teen Girls for Marriage, Domestic Attacks

ISIS Actively Recruiting Non-Muslim American Teen Girls for Marriage, Domestic Attacks, by Bridget Johnson.

Hackers targeting the Islamic State are witnessing a chilling trend on the rise: recruiters preying on young teen American, non-Muslim girls to convince them to be ISIS sex slaves or to conduct attacks at home. …

“The number of 13- to 15-year-old American non-Muslim girls being targeted for recruitment has definitely gone way up.” …

“They seek out the lonely. Invite them to Skype chat. The recruiters are men and women.”

“I’ve seen them recruited to launch attacks on U.S. soil, I’ve seen them recruited for marriage purposes, and even sex slave purposes,” Binary said. “ISIS members when targeting out a female seek the lonely. They start by sending them little cutesy type of stuff, like messages.”

A subtle start, but a month later there are can be death threats for non-cooperation:

AnonyMissy noted that “it is very subtle” by recruiters “in the beginning — just being friends, chatting with the lonely gals.”

“Depends on the girl, by the time she realizes after a month or so that she has been brought into an ISIS group,  she’s been befriended by women and bonds of trust have been built,” she said. “She has isolated herself from ‘infidel’ friends and family. Lonely teen girls seeking acceptance, they are easy targets.”

“Once they realize it’s real, and in exchange for all of that attention they need to travel or steal — or worse — they end up in my [Twitter direct message] asking for advice.”

Binary said they’ve seen American girls make it to the travel planning stage, with ISIS concurrently trying to convert the girl and bring her into the fold with a gang mentality of having a family, a place to belong. If a girl tries to back out of the new relationship, it can mean trouble. “The ISIS members start making threats, even death threats.”…

AnonyMissy noted that “by the time these girls realize they are in trouble, the jihadis have all of their info.”

All those missing “runaway” teen girls?

“I’m usually contacted after they cannot get rid of the recruiters,” she added. “I would be very interested to see how many missing or ‘runaway’ teen girls were chatting, knowingly or not, with ISIS recruiters before they disappeared. And does anyone even know to look?”