Facebook Suppressing Pro-Gun Postings, Say Gun Rights Advocates

Facebook Suppressing Pro-Gun Postings, Say Gun Rights Advocates, by AWR Hawkins.

A group of companies and gun-rights advocates say Facebook is “actively suppressing their posts,” thereby diminishing their visibility in Americans’ social media networks.

“We have over 700,000 likes on our Facebook page and tremendous reader response to our material,” said Concealed Nation publisher Brandon Curtis. “We didn’t change a thing about the way we post [but] in February our Facebook traffic fell off a cliff,” he said. “It sank by nearly 50 percent in that first month.”

Curtis said he contacted Facebook and was told his company’s page was “suppressed” due to “too much commercial content.”

Curtis has reached out to Facebook repeatedly over the problem and has made clear that many of the gun groups that have been singled out have Facebook content that is “purely editorial.” Yet the coalition says the suppression continues.

Breitbart News previously reported that Facebook shut down author Brandon Maddox’s account because of the use of the word “firearms.”