Donald Trump’s Speech Is a Game Changer

Donald Trump’s Speech Is a Game Changer, by David Horowitz. (The speech, with transcript. On the media reaction.)

Donald Trump’s speech on national security, which he delivered the day after the terrorist attack in Orlando, Florida, will change the dynamic of this election.

The speech was specific, detailed, and on the money. Trump showed how strategic securing the border is, how important stopping immigration from terror zones like Syria is, and how deadly political correctness has become.

Political correctness – which transforms the Islamic world, which has a lot to answer for, from aggressors into innocent victims – functions as a shield for Islamic terrorists, and handcuffs law-abiding citizens prompting them not to report suspicious activities by Muslims for fear of being called racist.

Trump was especially courageous (and politically incorrect) in pointing out that the Muslim communities in which the terrorists operate know what is going on but don’t say anything.

Which rather highlights the purpose of this blog, combating the excessive levels of political correctness we have to endure these days.

What a contrast with Hillary’s speech today, which focused on reinforcing political correctness – attacking so-called assault rifles, as though guns and not fanatics were the problem, and emphasizing the importance of not alienating Muslims by acknowledging that a large and growing segment of the Islamic world is at war with us. What contempt for Muslims who are also victims of Islamic terror!

Does denying reality encourage non-belligerent Muslims to help us? For seven and a half years, the Obama administration has closed its eyes to the Islamic dimensions of the terrorist threat, has refused as long and as much as possible to even use the word “terror.” And what has been the result? Muslims in San Bernardino and St. Lucie – as Trump had the political courage to point out – saw something but said nothing about the atrocities brewing in their communities.

Exactly. Clinton is the PC candidate, Trump is the anti-PC candidate.

hat-tip Stephen Neil