British Labour MP Jo Cox attacked and killed, man arrested

British Labour MP Jo Cox attacked and killed, man arrested, by Jacquelin Magnay.

A week out from the European Union referendum, a British Labour politician has been murdered after being shot and stabbed in a frenzy by a man reportedly yelling “put Britain first”.

Jo Cox, 41, a pro-Remain supporter and chair of the parliamentary Friends of Syria group and mother of two, was stabbed with a large knife and shot three times at close range allegedly fired by a 53-year-old man named locally as a loner, gardener Tommy Mair. …

The suspect has been described as a loner with mental health issues.

Campaigning for the referendum on Britain’s membership in the bloc has been halted just a week before the crucial vote.

Murder of British MP Echoes American Politics at Its Worst, by John Hinderaker.

Ms. Cox was enthusiastically pro-EU. So the story line, within minutes after her murder, was that she was a martyr to racism, etc., as manifested in the beyond-the-pale opinions of those who want to leave the EU.

It was reported that someone heard Mr. Mair yell “Britain first!” as he murdered Ms. Cox, or afterward. “Britain First” is the name of a “far right” organization, i.e., one that isn’t crazy about mass immigration. At first this was reported as a rumor, although most news services headlined the claim.

Eventually, someone was found who claimed to have heard Mair shout “Britain first.” On the other hand, the man who grappled with Mair immediately after he shot and stabbed Ms. Cox says that he heard Mair say something, but couldn’t make out what it was. It is hard to see how anyone else would be in a better position to quote Mr. Mair. …

[A]t this point there is little evidence that Cox’s murder had anything to do with politics. Mr. Mair was crazy and, as far as his neighbors knew, apolitical.