Orlando shooting: Uber of terror kills Obama’s lone-wolf theory

Orlando shooting: Uber of terror kills Obama’s lone-wolf theory, by Emma-Kate Symons. Obama is bitterly clinging to the lone-wolf theory:

Obstinate and contemptuous of his critics, and under pressure over intelligence failures, Barack Obama is clinging to the discredited theory that the Orlando killer was just another troubled “lone-wolf” terrorist.

According to the FBI/Obama doctrine, Omar Mateen self-radicalised online, then without warning murdered dozens, and there isn’t much anyone could have done about it.

Despite being widely disputed as outmoded and inaccurate in counter-extremism, security and research circles, the US President claimed the murderer of at least 49 people was one of the “lone actors” or members of “small cells of terrorists” that have “absorbed some ISIL propaganda”. The US-born son of Afghan immigrants was “an angry, disturbed, unstable young man who became radicalised”, Obama insisted.

Except it turns out there have never been any lone wolf attacks:

[T]he “lone” portrait the President drew of the Florida jihadist began to fall apart only a few hours after his address, when it emerged Mateen’s second wife, Noor Salman, could be charged as an accomplice to murder.

In France, loup solitaire (lone wolf) analyses were exposed as flawed after the 2012 Mohammed Merah killing spree around Toulouse….

Mateen’s ties with a US suicide bomber, his family’s radical pro-Taliban anti-gay views, and evidence he celebrated events such as 9/11 show he was more than a “last-minute” self-starter.

“We have to stop talking up this theory of the lone wolf,” said Wassim Nasr, an expert in jihadist networks and the author of Islamic State, Fait Accompli, in an interview with Europe 1 radio. “Because in the history of jihadist terrorist attacks across the world there are none. Each time (there is an attack) we discover there are intersections, contacts, and logistical support (between Islamic State and perpetrators). There are always people who help behind the scenes.”

And the terrorists are not mentally ill:

As for suggestions the new breed of terrorists are mentally ill, Nasr points out how “calm and determined” they are in videos and phone calls. “This is proof that we have to stop speaking of lost souls and madmen. These are determined people who commit these acts of terror with all their soul and conscience.”