Steyn: Here’s the Left’s ‘Official Lie’ About the Orlando Terrorist Attack

Steyn: Here’s the Left’s ‘Official Lie’ About the Orlando Terrorist Attack, by Chris Pandolfo.

Reacting Monday to the ISIS-inspired terrorist attack in Orlando, Mark Steyn — filling in for Rush Limbaugh — said that the “official lie” of the Left is that gun-toting “right” wing extremists are responsible for the shooting and radical Islamic terrorism is not.

The fact, Steyn said, is a radical Muslim killed 49 in a terror attack and the Left doesn’t know how to cope with the “internal contradictions of the rainbow coalition.”

While the Left is clamoring for more gun control and screaming at the NRA, it is ignoring that radical Islam is responsible for the attack and only wants to destroy what the Left believes in. “The arithmetic isn’t complicated,” Steyn explained, “the more Islam, the fewer gays.”

The Party at the End of the World, by Mark Steyn.

A Muslim of Afghan heritage guns down 49 gays in a nightclub, and the ACLU tells us it’s the fault of the Christian right. We are being told up is down, the sky is the earth, black is white…

I listen to people say ‘oh, we’re now going to have to have metal detectors in night clubs, security in nightclubs.’ Ok, so what happens next? They blow up a bakery, they blow up a little pastry shop, so then you’re gonna have to have metal detectors to get into the pastry shop?

Instead of having all these individual perimeters around every Dunkin Donuts franchise or every gas station, or every J.C. Penny, why not have just one big perimeter around the country? We could call it a border! And we could have, like, a border security!

Not so sure the PC crew would try and blame the right? Gun control and right wingers bear the brunt of the PC blame:

Lead story at the Huffington Post: We Bought An AR-15 In Orlando In Less Time Than You Spent At The DMV, by Andy Campbell and Roque Planas.

Just two days after Omar Mateen used a semi-automatic rifle to murder 49 innocent people and injure dozens more, we were able to purchase an AR-15 — a rifle similar to Mateen’s that has been used in several other mass shootings on American soil — in less time than it takes to buy a cart full of groceries.

Another from HuffPo: Trump And Mateen: Brothers In Hate, by Robert Kuttner.

Was Omar Mateen motivated by anti-gay hate? Or by the appeal of ISIS? Or was he a troubled loner?

Note that Islam is not one of the choices offered the left wing audience. No culture clash here!

It will not take extensive investigation to establish the basic reality that … he was viciously anti-gay; and that ISIS was a handy flag of convenience for his hatred.

Actually it seems pretty incontrovertible at this point that he was gay himself, that Islam had everything to do with it, and the guy was busy reading ISIS propaganda. Not that our PC friends will find this out from reading HuffPo.

Barack Obama is better than your average president at leading us to appreciation of the fact that the world is a frightening and complex place. Obama is way above average at steering us away from hate. Hillary Clinton is pretty good at both — but she needs to get a lot better, and fast.

Donald Trump is worse than your average aspiring tyrant at reducing every complex problem to hate. Mateen was an agent of ISIS, all Muslims are potential terrorists, and maybe Barack Obama secretly sympathizes with them. Trump is close to diagnosably psychotic, and he has the tyrant’s gift of enlisting anxious masses in his psychosis.

Let’s call out Trump for what he is. He’s the flipside of Omar Mateen — a man driven by hate, a man who would call America to define itself by its hates.

Tragically, the Trumps of the world and the Matteens of the world feed on each other. They need each other. They stoke each other.

In PC world, right-wing Trump is equated to the shooter while by contrast Obama and Clinton deal with “complexity” and help us avoid “hate”. Then they equate Trump and Hitler:

To paraphrase the famous words of Pastor Martin Niemoller speaking of the rise of Hitler, first they came for the Muslims and I did not protest. Then they came for the gays, and I did not protest. And then they came for me, and there was no one left to protest.

And violence against Hitler is justified, so ….

Notice that there is simply no understanding or acknowledgement of the role of Islam. You need to know what the PC crew are reading if you are going to converse with them on this, because the ferocious spin and lying by omission means that even the most basic of facts will be heavily contested.

UPDATE: If Muslim Terrorist Doesn’t Represent All Muslims Why Does He Represent All Gun Owners?