Orlando, Ideologies, Guns & Weapons

Orlando, Ideologies, Guns & Weapons, by Chiefio.

The President, boating far up the River DeNile… can’t even bring himself to say “Islamic Terrorist” or even “Islamic Murderer”. Somehow seems to think if we just whistle past the Islamic Jihad we won’t end up in the graveyard.

Dear Mr. POTUS: When folks want to beat you up, dominate you, rape women and kill men, whistling doesn’t cut it; but a well aimed Real Assault Rifle works wonders.

Furthermore, when someone is stalking you (as Radical Islam is doing to all of Western Citizens) looking them straight in the eye and saying “I see you, I know who you are and what you want, and I will stop you.” can work wonders. Head in the sand not so much…

Banning Muslims from foreign lands will not fix this. … These are radical islamist murderers following where their ideology leads them. The only real fix is to exterminate the ideology. I will leave it for others to decide where the ideology ends.

Is it a perversion of Islam? A particular sect? Perhaps all of Islam? When I read the Koran, it seems pretty clear to me. Islam is to dominate, the infidel is to be subjugated or killed. Perhaps “they” can “fix it”, but I’d rather they fixed it first, then were allowed to come here. The other way around seems to get a lot of folks killed. But that’s just my opinion.

“Reality just is.” -E.M.Smith

Our political class needs to understand that and embrace it. There is an objective reality. It is full of bad actors. The best way we have found to date to deal with it is to be armed and dangerous ourselves. I’d love to see a better way, but one does not exist at this time. (The world still has police and armies…for a reason.)

Part of that reality is that “Islam is NOT your friend”. Read your Koran. It states, several times, “Do not take Christians to be your friends” and “Do not take the infidel to be your friends”. So I am not insulting Islam or Muslims by stating to act in accordance with their Koran. Islam is apart from all Christianity and all Jews and all of everyone else, by their own rules. Do not, ever, expect “assimilation” to western culture. It is just not going to happen. The only allowed assimilation is you, to Islam.

Worse, Political Islam is the action arm working to convert the world to Islamic Rule and Sharia Law. Just ask them, they will tell you. (Well, most of the time… but the Koran specifically advises to lie to the infidel when desirable… so it’s more reliable to read their published works.) The Mosque is not just a “funny church”. It is also a cultural center and used by Political Islam to push the agenda of dominance.

hat-tip Joanne