Mistrust in politicians drives Brexiters

Mistrust in politicians drives Brexiters, by Tobias Buck. Mistrust of the elite has built over decades, fueling the anti-EU insurgency.

Ann Potts has insurrection on her mind. With her elegant twin-set, pearl necklace and the clipped tones that betray a life spent in and around the British military, the 72-year-old does not resemble a revolutionary in the least. But today she is pacing the streets of Bracknell, a town in prosperous Berkshire, trying to win over local shoppers to a distinctly anti-establishment message.

Ms Potts is telling passers-by to ignore what the prime minister says, ignore what the Bank of England says, ignore what the US president says — and vote for a British exit from the EU in next week’s referendum. “We want to be our own people,” she says. …

In 1975, when Britain held a referendum on membership of the European bloc, she voted in favour (“Because I listened to all the rubbish they told us!”). But the decades since have darkened her feelings both for the EU and for the political establishment. “I trust political leaders less than I used to,” she says. “They have not been honest with themselves, and they have not been honest with the people.” …

“For some, this is simply a vote against the establishment,” observes Justin Bellhouse, the spokesman for Bracknell4Brexit. Like other Brexit campaigners, Mr Bellhouse reels off a list of scandals and broken promises — from government vows to clamp down on migration to a 2009 parliamentary expenses scandal. “It’s about the blatant lies. When the lies just keep on coming people say: how can I trust these people any longer?” …

Dr Phillip Lee, the Conservative member of parliament for Bracknell … adds that “there is a fundamental breakdown in trust not just between voters and politicians but also with the BBC, the Bank of England, the City of London and so on. Where do you find truth these days?”

A reader, commenting on the allegations by ZeroHedge that the Clintons are 20% funded by Saudi money intent on affecting western policy, writes:

I just see this as an ongoing propaganda war, which the West now is losing, because the political class have given up its honesty.

You cannot be sure or claim any thing about Clinton from that Zero-hedge source, as you do not read Arabic and then cannot be sure that the story is correct. Why should the crown prince say this stupid thing, even if it was true?

What interest me now is how the disinformation methods have spread from Russia in the last few years, now also adopted by Western governments and media, creating a sinkhole of lack of trust from the public in institutions.

The BBC meeting in 2006  about climate propaganda and the dodgy dossier about Iraq war were typical spin, from the age of Tony Blair.

I used to listen to the BBC World Service on my shortwave radio since I was 16 years old, but stopped about three years back because I no longer trust the BBC.

Few people have any trust in EU institutions now because the know they have been lying for decades. The situation in Germany and its MSM is much the same.

Dangerous times really.