Former CIA Officer on What to Do If You are Faced with a Crazed Killer Like the Orlando Shooter

Former CIA Officer on What to Do If You are Faced with a Crazed Killer Like the Orlando Shooter, by Jason Hanson.

In a perfect world, in elementary school, high school and college, we would have active shooter training. This active shooter training would be what the Israeli’s teach their citizens and there is no doubt it would have saved lives in Orlando.

For instance, I carry a gun daily, but I realize the majority of Americans do not and never will, so I’m not going to say the solution is carry a gun so you can take down the active shooter.

Instead, the solution is very simple and it’s to immediately rush the shooter and stop him by taking out his eyes with your thumbs. That may sound gruesome but an active shooter could be wearing body armor or he might be huge and be able to bench press 350-pounds.

But, it doesn’t matter if he’s built like the Incredible Hulk, an eye gouge affects him just as much as it affects a skinny 110-pound guy.

How might this have worked at the Orlando night club?

I wasn’t at the Orlando nightclub and don’t know anyone who was. However, if it’s a crowded nightclub I’m guessing there were plenty of people near the entrance where the shooter first walked in with the gun.

These people’s reaction was to probably flee because they had not been trained and did not know any better. But fleeing only gives the shooter more time and space to shoot people.

Had one of the people rushed the shooter, who was probably arms length distance away, then perhaps only three people had to die instead of 50.

More details on what to do:

The thing is, most Americans don’t have the knowledge of how to stop an active shooter. It doesn’t have to be training that is scary or intimidating but it should be something implemented in our schools because it will save lives.

And, if heaven forbid, you find yourself in this situation and the shooter is close by, rush him, and take out his eyes with your thumbs (basically, grab his head with both of your hands as if you were going to head butt him, and your thumbs will easily find the eyes.)