Experts: Action needed now to save Europe from Islam

Experts: Action needed now to save Europe from Islam, by WND.

It starts with only a few immigrants. Slowly, imperceptibly, their population grows. Institutions are created. They build power on a local level. Pleas for tolerance transform into demands for concession and eventually submission. And natives suddenly find themselves strangers in their own homelands.

The story of Islam’s demographic model of conquest has been replayed over the centuries. Once a certain population is reached, a society reaches a “tipping point” in which social order is disrupted.

According to G.M. Davis, a Stanford Ph.D. and author of “House of War: Islam’s Jihad Against The World”:

“As a small religious minority, Muslims will generally attract little attention so long as their proportion remains less than about 2 percent, roughly the percentage we see today in the United States, Italy, Canada and Australia,” he said.

“Sporadic acts of jihadist terrorism will still be carried out by apparent ‘lone wolves.’ As the total Muslim population rises toward 5 percent, Islamic activists will become increasingly vocal about having their particular religious demands met, which, in areas of greater population density, will entail the effective implementation of Shariah law over resident Muslims and open hostility against native citizens and law enforcement – think parts of Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Paris, London, Luton, Cologne and Malmo.

“As the Muslim population moves toward 10 percent and above, the situation on the ground will depend more and more on the strength of the native culture into which the Muslim minority is pushing as well as the speed with which it is being overtaken by the expanding Muslim minority,” Davis said. …

We are being colonized by a totalitarian political ideology masquerading as a religion.

Both Davis and Haney argue Islam is not like other religions because of its demand to implement Shariah – Islamic law. …

“Once Islam acquires a foothold in a given location, it will expand unless met with greater counterforce. It is vital to bear in mind that all of the lands of North Africa, the Near and Middle East, Turkey, the Balkans, were Christian until they were conquered by jihad, but even then remained Christian under the crushing strictures of Shariah until superior Muslim population growth took over.”

Davis said the difference today is European governments are actually welcoming the Islamic invasion rather than resisting it. …

“Since the time of Muhammad, and throughout the 1,400 year history of Islam, in every country on earth, we have seen the same pattern repeated over and over,” he said. “The larger the pro-Shariah Muslim population becomes, the more accepting and supportive of the aggressive promotion of Islam through jihad it becomes. As it is so plainly and repeatedly stated in the Quran, the primary goal of Islam is to establish the religion of Allah in the entire world. And neither the countries of Europe, or North America, are exempt from this command.”

hat-tip Stephen Neil